Shops and immediate surroundings A3 hotel

Adjacent to the hotel is a train and a bus station and a shopping center Mercury.

  • In Mercury center you will find, among other things, drugstore, pharmacy, bakery and hypermarket, which is open daily from 7 am to 22 pm.


  • In the immediate vicinity of Mercury center are public transport stops, which comfortably reach all corners of the Ceske Budejovice.
  • Here you can find your connection from the stop "Nádraží"


  • If you continue walking around the street Nádražní, about 100m from the Mercury center begins popular pedestrian shopping zone "Lanova třída", which is easily accessible to the city in about 15 minutes walk.s the department store Prior to opening time to 18:30 in the week and until 13:00 on Saturday, Billa supermarket or McDonald's opening hours until 20:00.

On "Lanovka" can also be found only climbing center in the Czech Budejovice.

We recommend

To staying enjoy a delicious meal, definitely come to a steak restaurant JB Steakhouse!

The restaurant is located in the street "Kněžská" in the center of Czech Budejovice

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