Rooms in A3 hotel

A3 hotel offers accommodation in eleven double rooms, three triple rooms and one apartment. Rooms are equipped with flat-screen TV, WiFi, privat bathroom (shower or bathtub) and privat WC. Total capacity is 34 beds. Rooms are located on the third and fourth floors of the building. Floors are accessible by elevator.
Double rooms
Selected double rooms are equipped with air-conditioning unit and a flat-screen TV. WiFi and a privat bathroom with a toilet is commonplace.
Triple rooms
Like the double rooms are equipped with flat-screen TVs, privat bathroom with toilet and WiFi. Two rooms have built-in air conditioning unit.
The largest of the rooms in our hotel. Two beds are located in the bedroom with a flat-screen TV. Another bed is in the next room with refrigerator, kitchen (microwave, kettle, utensils) and a dining area. The standard equipment of the apartment is a private bathroom with tub and toilet. There is also a WiFi connection and air conditioning unit.

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